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.  Please join BWC members and colleagues on 
Tuesday, May 22nd  
as we close the season with
 a special event
What a pair of entrepreneurs can teach 
Communicators about Communications! 
jamber.com is a most delightful website - check it out!  Learn about Diana and Allen Arseneau, the founders of Jamber.
     Their story is unique - yet their actions can be copied. The
husband/wife team had scientific/engineering backgrounds. One day, they realized that Allen's grandfather could not drink from a mug. "So," said Diane, "we did what anyone would do. We combined the principles of biomechanics with the technology of 3D printing to bioengineer a better mug. 
     "It might sound corny, but we started Jamber to improve the lives of everyday people by innovating products that have been overlooked."
     That was just the start. Great website. Great client relations. Simply outstanding communications. Come learn from the Arseneaus (yes, she's a working mother. William, the latest addition is six months old....) and enjoy this unique evening. Hope to see you May 22nd!
     P.S. We tried the mug. Fabulous. Simply great!​ No spills. No aches.

The amazing Jamber, created 
by a husband-and-wife team, 
is changing the world.                    One cup at a time. Seriously. 
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