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13 May 2016 - The College Club
How to Unleash Your Inner Salesperson 
Maybe this has happened to you: You’ve accepted or been promoted into a marketing or development position, only to find that your job includes a huge component of…wait for it… raising business or money for your company/organization. You think: I didn’t sign up for this! But, actually, you did. In today’s business environment, every organization needs continuous growth, or it will shrink its way out of relevance as its competitors grow. 
        So what’s a marketer/development professional to do? How do you jump on this sales bandwagon, assuming you want to? And how do you get comfortable with selling? After all, you are a marketing or development professional. And sales is so - salesy!
        Here’s some very excellent news: Sales skills are really relationship and communication skills. As an accomplished marketer or development professional, you already have them. 
        In this invigorating breakfast seminar, we’ll talk about how to use, leverage, and focus your marketing and development skill set to deliver the fund- or business-raising your organization seeks.
       Who should attend? Nonprofit staff members. Communicators in transition. Volunteers for organizations needing fund-raising help. Women needing sales skills. Just about all of us….
         Please join the talented women who make up BWC at this special event. We'll be at The College Club, 44 Commonwealth Avenue in the Back Bay, from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. on May 13.
         Just click on "Buy This." We'll save your seat for this important discussion. And you'll enjoy a healthy Continential breakfast, too!
Lisa Cohen Fernandes 
Director of Product Sales
Girl Scouts of Eastern MA